Troubled Children

God created the family. Children are a gift from God and He cares about how they are raised. When God gives us gifts, He also gives clear instructions how to steward those gifts.  Several places in Scripture give specific instructions to parents about how to raise their children.

God’s Word tells us to raise children with discipline and provide instruction. Parents can make disciples of their children by instilling values and life lessons they have learned. As parents, we are called to practice godly living and make Spirit-controlled decisions. Failure to discipline results in dishonor for both parent and child.

All that said, we know that no matter what we may do, there can be times when children simply choose to disobey and live contrary to all they have been taught. In those times, we can love our children without loving their choices. We can continue to show them love without agreeing with their behavior or beliefs.

God loves our children even more than us. Trust that He is seeking their hearts even more than we can imagine and wants to see change as much or more than we do. Keep praying and know that sometimes letting go of adult children is what is needed even when we don’t want to give up the of illusion of control.