Failing Health

Often when life seems to be going smoothly, we’ll say, “God is good.” Yet we aren’t always so quick to remember this truth when problems arise or we are sick.  One key in fighting through health issues is to remember that God is good no matter what life looks like. God’s character does not change and His promises still hold true. Our circumstances do not change Him or His purposes for us.

We also know that God is actively working in all things for good for those that trust Him. God does not say that all things are good. But we can trust Him to use it for good when we know Him. God is ultimately a redeemer able to bring good from bad.

When we remember that God is in control, that He is good, and that He is for our good, we can more easily accept the reality of whatever health challenges we may be facing. We can trust that He is at work, even if it feels like we have been abandoned. Keeping the truth of God’s character and His faithfulness toward His own is vitally important. This allows us to keep a right perspective and maintain hope.

We are not saying that knowing Jesus means we will be healed and everything is easy. What we know is true is that God loves you and offers to walk with you through this difficult season.